About Us and our Organic Gluten-Free Royal®️Quinoa Baking Mixes





At California Quisine we believe that Kids of all ages should have access to food that is not only clean and healthy but also tasty and fun to eat.

Our original Royal Quinoa Panquake® Mix was our first contribution towards that endeavor. Panquake® Mix not only makes delicious and wholesome flapjacks and waffles, but can do anything that a conventional baking mix can do…and a few things they can’t. For example, you can use it to make awesome stove top pizzas in less than 10 minutes! Or in about the same time you can en-robe a hot dog in Panquake® Mix batter to make another one of our favorites, Pigs in a Panquake®! At my house we only use Applegate® organic grass-fed beef hot dogs. Not only are they the best we’ve ever tasted but they are made without sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate, both of which are not good for you or your kids. Our goal at California Quisine is to Make Kids Healthy and Strong!






3 thoughts on “About Us and our Organic Gluten-Free Royal®️Quinoa Baking Mixes

  1. WOW! Kenny! This is amazing! You played it through!
    I am impressed!

  2. Whoa Kenny! I need more of those Panquakes!! They are the best ever. AND, they also work really well with a couple teaspoons of ground flax seeds thrown in with a little water instead of an egg.
    Will order if I can’t find them locally 🙂 Renee

  3. Visiting my daughter and her family in Northern California, I was treated to your panquakes. Delicious and healthy! I’ll be taking them back to Kentucky with me, sharing with healthy-minded friends.

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